Resin NI Ltd offers a number of flooring solutions and specialises in the introducing of new products made from resin to the local market.

The resin product can used for flooring, kitchen worktops and splash backs and can even be used for breathing new life into dining table worktops.

Epoxy Resin coatings are becoming a better alternative to traditional flooring systems as it offers a stylish finish with no joins, edges or seams and provides a long lasting protection that is one of a kind.

Epoxy Resin maintains the same benefits in terms of durability and ease of maintenance whilst offering truly unique designs and complete practicality for residential and commercial environments. Epoxy resin has many benefits such as seamless bacteria free floors and kitchen worktops and unique custom finishes which are attractive to corporates. Floors finished with an epoxy resin are stronger and more durable than varnish finishes and have a high non-slip rating and is ideal for heavy foot or vehicle traffic.